Quality Policy of the Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has harmonized its Quality Policy of its Undergraduate Study Program with the Quality Policy of the University of the Peloponnese, based on ETHAAE standards and HEXAE guidelines and in collaboration with the social partners. The Department cooperates with the services of the Foundation and mainly with the Quality Assurance Unit to ensure the supply of the best possible education for students. Mission of the Civil Engineering Department of the University of the Peloponnese is the rigorous education of its students, based on student-centered principles of learning in the science of Civil Engineering. It aims to make its graduates able to join the professional society with knowledge and abilities to exercise the profession and undertake the resulting responsibilities.

The quality policy of the Department includes:

– Provision with high-level training, updating the PPS on an annual basis and focusing on learning outcomes.

– Achieving a better connection of the PPS with the labor market.

– Strengthening research through promoting collaborations with aiming to

contribute to the society.

– Recognition and reward members of the Department (students and teachers) for their achievements.

– Strengthening extroversion by promoting the presence of the Department at the national and international level.

– Promoting academic integrity and freedom, at its core equal treatment of the members of the academic community, without discrimination and exclusion.

The Department of Civil Engineering is committed to implementing the quality policy and to revise, when necessary, its assurance procedures of evaluation of its

achievement of the objectives by OMEA in collaboration with the MODIP.